Casualty insurance is one of JMM’s principal lines of business. We are binding underwriters for various syndicates at Lloyd’s of London and are able to provide speciality casualty programmes as well as standalone covers.

Combined Liability
JMM’s Combined Liability package brings together insurance covers which protect businesses against a range of risks which can be financially devastating.

If you have employees, contractors, casual workers or temporary staff, you are required by law to take out Employers’ Liability Insurance which covers claims from employees due to an accident or injury while at work.

Public Liability insurance pays out if a client or member of the public is injured or their property is damaged because due to the actions of your employers or subcontractors. Public liability insurance is important for all industry sectors and trades. Accidents do happen, no matter how well prepared you are – and the simplest accident can be financially devastating.

Product Liability Insurance If you manufacture or supply goods, there’s always the possibility that your product could cause damage to a third party – that could be property or another person. A small defect could open you up to massive claims, so this cover is vitally important for product manufacturers.

Professional Indemnity Insurance is a vital consideration for all businesses which give advice or offer professional services. It covers you in the event that an error, omission or wrong advice causes financial loss to a client.

Medical Malpractice Insurance
Medical Malpractice Insurance is for supplied nurses, locums, carers and other medical staff as well as for surgeries and clinics. It covers errors and omissions and negligence of supplied medical personnel including medical practitioners.

Drivers’ Negligence Insurance
Drivers’ Negligence Insurance is for businesses which supply drivers to companies.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance
Directors and Officers Liability Insurance covers the cost of compensation claims made against the directors and key managers (officers) of your business for alleged wrongful acts such as breach of trust, breach of duty, neglect, error, misleading statements and wrongful trading.

Employment Practices Liability including Legal Expenses
Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) provides protection in respect of legal costs and expenses, as well as court awards for a wide range of employment practice violations including unfair dismissal or discrimination on grounds of sex, race, disability, religion, belief or sexual orientation. It also covers questionable or unfounded allegations which can be just as costly to defend.

EPLI is different from D&O insurance in that it covers the whole company or organisation rather than only certain individuals within the company. Employment law claims are generally made against the company as a whole, although on occasions individuals may also be pursued.

Environmental Liability Insurance
Environmental Liability Insurance (ELI) covers the cost of restoring damage caused by environmental accidents, such as pollution of land, water, air and biodiversity damage. It protects against common law claims, and claims arising from UK and EU legislation.

ELI covers both sudden pollution and gradual pollution, site clean-up costs imposed by regulatory authorities, third-party liability including the impact on property value, nuisance claims, legal costs and expenses.

Recent UK and EU legislation has significantly increased the potential costs of remediating damage caused. Environmental issues need to be dealt with rapidly to protect business reputations.