Business and Personal Accident
Anyone jetting off on a business trip should make sure they have appropriate insurance in place. Standard policies sometimes include business travel, but there are often restrictions. JMM’s specialist business travel policy includes all types of work overseas, including for example those personnel supplied to hazardous areas and war zones. The cover includes laptops and other office equipment and includes compensation payments for death or disability while travelling for business.

Adventure and Special travel insurance
JMM’s Adventure and Special travel cover insurance through covers the more courageous travellers and families who indulge in the likes of bungee jumping and white water rafting, often involving travel to remote areas of the world. It includes specialised recovery and assistance from these remote areas. The premiums are usually higher than for standard travel insurance policies which are unlikely to offer cover as these types of activities and travel agendas would be excluded. The higher premium obviously reflects the greater risk of claims but it is often worth the price for the peace of mind to ensure you and your fellow travellers are certain of being protected no matter what occurs during your adventure or special travel.

Sports Personal Accident insurance for professionals and amateur sportsmen and women including teams and associations
Accidents can happen at any time with serious consequences for those sports people affected. JMM’s sports PA cover for professional and amateur sportspersons protects against the financial impact of an accident. It can be tailored to cover:

  • temporary or permanent disablement.
  • medical expenses such as physiotherapy.
  • chiropractic, hospital and ambulance.
  • loss of income.
  • rehabilitation of sporting injuries.
  • repatriation of an injured athlete.

JMM’s Sports Accident Insurance provides cover for professional and amateur athletes for loss of income from any source, including sport and from injury or illness. Policies can also cover career ending injury which results in the loss of future income.

The cover can be varied according to needs and circumstances of professional and amateur sports people and also as Group insurance for teams and associations.