Commercial property insurance

JMM’s approach to its Commercial Combined insurance package is to understand its clients’ attitude to risk exposure in order to help identify and quantify the risks involved. JMM will arrange an Insurance Risk Assessment Survey to pinpoint where the cover is most necessary to protect your business adequately.

JMM works to ensure that the risk as a whole is not weighed down by standard market warranties that are applied by insurers. We then help clients mitigate the financial impact of these risks through business continuity planning and place insurance programs as appropriate with insurance markets in London and elsewhere. Our program typically covers:

Standard FLEEA perils

  • Fire.
  • Lightning.
  • Explosion
  • Earthquake
  • Aircraft damage


  • Flood
  • Subsidence.
  • Escape of Water.
  • Theft.
  • Business Interruption.


  • Property Owners Liability.
  • Employers Liability.


  • Office Contents.
  • Away from the premises portable business equipment.
  • Computer Equipment.
  • Company Plant Cover.

Accidental loss and accidental damage can also be covered.

Plant and Equipment

If a business is not the main contractor and does not hold Contract Works Insurance, or has plant on its own premises or in storage between contracts then specific contractors plant and equipment insurance should be considered. JMM’s Cover is available for both own plant and hired in plant.

Goods in Transit

Standard motor insurance may not cover the cost of goods in transit or of replacing them in the event of damage. JMM’s Goods in Transit insurance will usually cover goods against theft, loss, damage and/or accident while in transit.

Builders’ Insurance

JMM can combine its various liability, buildings, equipment and other insurances into an insurance programme for medium to large scale building companies. Combining insurance programmes in this way to precise client needs ensures appropriate cover at minimum cost as clients are only paying for the types and limits of cover which they need.

Latent Defects

JMM’s Latent Defects cover is essential for developers, property owners and tenants of residential, commercial and mixed-use developments.

Latent Defects insurance provides cover for the cost of rectifying or repairing structural damage caused by a fault in the design, construction or materials of a new build, conversion or completed build project that may not be apparent at the time of practical completion.

The best time to effect Latent Defects insurance is at the start of a construction project, the policy can run for 10 or 12 years if under seal.